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Friday, September 14, 2007

The Yes leg

The nurse wrote "Yes" on my leg at around 7:00 a.m. yesterday and commented that it was the current standard in the industry because a big "X" was thought to have negative connotations. I think other things are written on my knee but I don't get to unwrap it for awhile to read it.

While Dr. K was poking around in there he found a small meniscus tear, which he fixed, and he cleaned up a bit of messy cartilage behind my kneecap. Appears that I had a little runner's knee going on. A little arthritis. My whole leg was numb yesterday and I felt pretty good. Since it thawed out overnight it rather hurts but I've been very conscientious with my pain management schedule. And I have some fabulous German chocolate cake. I'm hanging out with my mom. Life is really pretty good.


adam said...

I think "Yes" would still be confusing. What the surgeon thought, "hmm. 'Yes' this is the good leg, so I'll operate on the other one." Maybe they should write "no no don't cut here doctor!" on all the limbs that are not being operated on.

Allie said...

I'm glad things went okay.

It's nice to have mom around to take care of you.

Sometimes I wish mom could come take care of me, but then I remember that I'm an adult and there's nothing wrong with me to warrant mom-care.

WP said...

Your Mama has some experience with knee patients. BTW after knee surgery I recall my knee was quite a bit warmer for some time. I think it has something to do with increased blood flow to the affected area and part of the bodies natural healing process.

Your plastic bag and duct tape brings back memories I would have rather remained forgotten.

M.A. said...

I hear you there, Allie. I am thinking about having my tonsils removed just so I have a good reason for Mom to come take care of me. :-)