"Beauty confronts us with the requirement that we place ourselves among...the redeemers, the leaders in the protection of life. Once you have seen the bush on fire, you are not going to get out of the assignment unless you close your eyes to the beauty.... [You] either have to close your eyes or go back to Egypt and set the people free." - Rev. Dr. Rebecca Parker, "Rising to the Challenge of Our Times"

Sunday, April 06, 2008

cellphone photos wouldn't have cut it

The good news about the Wildflower Century ride is that the scenery will be fantastic, especially Table Mountain. The not quite as good news is the climbing you have to do for the fantastic scenery.
Table Mountain is that last big bump. I rode it for the first time today--and visited it for the first time as well. I'd like to go back in a motorized vehicle sometime. People were up there flying kites and driving their vintage cars back and forth, and perhaps looking at the wildflowers. I didn't take this picture but it looks a lot like some of what I saw (in the places where there were no kites or vintage cars).

Next time I'll bring my real camera and I'll try to have fresher legs. Or at least stiffer shoes.

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hmr said...

Oh dear. Those are some BIG hills.