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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Singing in the rain

(Photo courtesy HMR)

Gave the Wine Country Century a go in Santa Rosa today. It was probably the worst ride I've ever had, period, if the criteria are feeling good while riding and going the distance I set out to go. I was in denial about the weather from the start. I was dressed for moderate wind and cold but I didn't consider how I'd feel if / when I got completely soaked. The times that I ride to work in the rain (which are few), I make quite a point of putting on my rainpants and a jacket. To go a distance of just over a mile. Today, when rain seemed fairly likely, I wore my long sleeves and knee warmers and wind vest. Intending to go a distance of 100 miles. Something's wrong with this picture.

On the other hand, if it's feeling appreciative for good friends and kind people who volunteer to change your tire(s) when flat, even though you are capable of doing it yourself (assuming you're not shivering too much to grasp a tire lever), who try to hug you warm while somebody changes your tire, and who drive out in their truck to rescue you at mile 44 or so when you finally decide you've had enough--if these things are the criteria for a good ride, then this ride was the best ever.

Another note to self - the fancy CO2 tire inflating cartridge I've been riding around with for a year (without any flats) appears to be missing a part and didn't work. It's probably a good idea to test these things out before you need them.

I'll be all the more prepared next week. Rain or shine. I sound like I have a good attitude, and it has improved a bit over the last several hours, but I'm still working on it. They say if you keep smiling when you're in a bad mood eventually your head will catch up with your face. The same goes for singing in the rain. Neil Diamond and Brandi Carlile at the top of my lungs. It helps up to a point, anyway.


hmr said...

Poor Emily! I think Mindy and I warmed up a bit when we made the Emily sandwich. Next year, I'm forecasting sun. I'd like to try again.

charlotte said...

Sorry to hear that, some days are just like that. I hope next week is better!

George said...

I am a fair weather bicycle person. I love my truck in the rain. Nice to have friends though. On my last ride your Mama had to rescue me but I won't say how many miles and it was only windy.