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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Red River Valley

After about 20 years of playing the guitar without really knowing what notes were in the C or G or Dm7 or F# chords I was playing, as all along I've been playing by ear and using chord charts and reading tabs, I am at last learning to read standard notation for guitar. It's really not too hard so far to pick it up because I can read music, just never learned how to translate notes on a staff to places on guitar strings. I don't know why it took so long to get around to it. A client who plays classical guitar loaned me an old copy of "Mel Bay's Modern Guitar Method Grade 1" to get started and also recommended the "Carcassi Guitar Method" published by Carl Fischer, which I just ordered on Amazon. The latter looks like something that could take awhile to grow into. Meanwhile I can work on When the Saints Go Marchin' In and Aura Lee and 'From this val-ley you say you are lea-ving...'

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adamf said...

The guitar teacher I had in high school never used tabs in the lessons, with the exception of teaching chords.

I chuckled at your post title, because Red River Valley was one of the first songs I had to learn. Perhaps Withered Leg could use a guest picker for a rendition of "Yellow Rose of Texas" or " Bicycle Built for Two"?