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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

3:59 in '09: A New Hope

Emily (not shown in photo) is pleased to announce that she is coming out of retirement and intends to participate in the 2009 California International Marathon in Sacramento on December 6. The 2006 CIM was the last time I put myself through that - came close to my goal of a sub 4-hour race but didn't quite get there. Overran the first 13.1 miles and had a split time of 1:45 - burned up in the second half and finished in 4:03 . Three years, major knee surgery, and lots of bicycling later, not to mention some other pretty dramatic life changes, I think I'm ready for a do-over. Anyway, now I've signed up and active.com says they don't do refunds. I need to work on getting my right leg more flexible and aligned properly - it doesn't swing the same as the left. Maybe never did but now it's worse.

This presents endless opportunities for planning stuff on calendars. I will be posting updates of the week's plan to invite public accountability into the process (to the extent that anybody cares - they probably shouldn't).


hmr said...

You signed up!! And now it's all out in The Public.


I would offer to run with you, but I doubt I could keep up even on my bike.

Alice said...

That's exciting (and scary!)

I think I'm going to run the SL Marathon in 2011, if you want to join me. :)

Jennifer Sedgwick Goodsell said...

Go Emily! I am still thinking about trying a 5K.

Emily said...

Just Do It! :)

George said...

Good luck and best wishes. I am a proud papa!