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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Greased Lightnin'

I decided to take Ripley on the 3-mile jogging loop this morning, so we could both get our exercise in. When Rip decides she wants to go in a particular direction, she can go very fast, but we don't always agree about the direction. When this happens it gives the appearance that I'm strangling my poor little dog by selfishly trying to run with her dragging behind when her stubby legs can't keep up with me. Ha. So with that in mind I don't generally expect our runs together to break any speed records. When I'm on the path in the park I tend to keep her on a leash because she hasn't quite learned to move aside for bicycles - actually she seems inclined to deliberately obstruct them, if it's up to her. For running I use a leash that clips to my waist, for better balance. And sometimes a pull into town.

This morning there was a little bit of disagreement, early in the run, due to some interesting activity happening on the path behind us. Ripley doesn't like having other dogs behind her, must be a herding thing. But then she decided that her interests lay ahead and took off. She was pulling me along at probably at least a 7:30 / mile clip for a good hundred yards or so, then we finally slowed down a little. Finished 3 miles in 26:53, averaging an 8:52 / mile pace. Not bad for a short dog!


Alice said...

Taja has longer legs, but I don't think she could run that fast for three miles. :) She's more of a sprint dog. Short distances really fast, then a nice nap.

George said...

Age is a factor between both dogs too. T is a senior now and her sprints will become shorter and shorter. Rip is a younger female.

Emily said...

I think the sprint / nap / sprint / nap schedule would be a good one to emulate. Those senior dogs know what they're doing.

Bellabell said...

The way animals run has always fascinated me! The way some move both legs on one side, then both on the other (in certain gaits, anyway), the difference between the trot and canter and walk and all. I especially loved watched our late Pekingese do that famous show-ring shuffle, very slowly, like a 90-year old woman hobbling from side to side. But outside, she would sprint across the grass in a marvelous, graceful fast lope, covering ground very quickly (an optical illusion, of course).
Ripley's cousin Tango is a model cattle dog, and can turn on a lentil. And when she's really revved up and excited, the nips to the ankles of nearby dogs come about every third second. Wish Rip and her trainer could visit Tango and hers again soon!

Liz said...

OHHHH my little ripples! FYI she totally hates you in that pic..