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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

SPECIAL GUEST POSTING: a letter to the prez

Dear Readers:

As a public service and also for the thrill of it, Emily's Training Blog has the honor of posting a copy of an email recently sent to none other than that Whited Sepulchre on Pennsylvania Ave. wherein festers the moldering mind and soul of America's top dude. My friend Leslie, a Louisiana native with whom I went to law school, a rising star of advocacy for all kinds of people disadvantaged by the effects of poverty and discrimination, gave me permission to post this message to our leader of some of her thoughts re: his job performance. May he take it to heart. Thanks, Leslie, for sharing this.

Email follows:


Dear Your Holy King,


George, I'm doing you a BIG favor today -- I'm here to take some of the heat off of you 'bout this New Orleans, Mississippi, Texas, South mess and all.

I know you really want the world to believe that the destruction of New Orleans by wind and water was unanticipated. Uh, Yeah. But, see, homes, if you go to school in New Orleans (aka Nola) (like I did), you learn when you're 5 years old that hurricanes cause damage and that Nola's levees are important. In kindegarten, Miss Margaret told me that when a big storm comes, the levees might break and we'd all be in big trouble if they did.

BIG TROUBLE. The words are echoing in my ears now. In 9th grade Civics class, Mr. Grady Spears told me that if I wanted to grow old in New Orleans and raise children there, it was my duty to help protect da levees and da wetlands.

Ok, so here's the part where I bail you out. I failed. I did not write 1 letter to you or anyone on the earth about the funding cuts to the army corps of engineers in Louisiana or the need to build a better levee system or having Louisiana national guard and troops (including my cousin) in Iraq during hurricane season or selling off the wetlands to private developers. And I knew.

If I had written, would you have listened? You didn't listen to Louisiana's legislature or governors -- and you're our damn neighbor!!!! Would/could my letter have impacted your unexercised mind? I guess now I'll always wonder.

I hope others take heed in my story. Get political about the things you care about. They all could be washed away in an instant -- especially by our current administration.

Also, Daddy G, your job is REALLY HARD. It's okay to quit. It's not that you couldn't do the job if you tried -- you're just too lazy, way too selfish, and not well-intentioned. I'd call you "EVIL" but it's not polite and I am still Southern. Clearly you don't want to be President, so don't.

I know you're a nice guy. I met you 17 years ago (1988) when I was campaigning for your POP against Dukakis. I was one of those teenage volunteers in the Superdome conference rooms painting signs of American flags and drawing Bushes with quayles in them. It's not that I was a Republican, I just wanted to do my part for the political process and thought I might meet movie stars. Plus, what else was there for teens to do in New Orleans in the summer?

New Orleans helped put your daddy in the White House then, 'member? My City provided the BIGGEST ROOF you could find (New Orleans Superdome) over your entire family and your friends, but that's all water under the bridge, I guess. Where's a roof when you need it, eh?

I hope you give something back.

Step down, most holy annointed one, and tell your administration to do the same.

Face it, bud, we were friends once, but you're tired and washed up now.

Take care,
Leslie Q. Davis

P.S. What's up with JR for Chief Justice???? Do you want to get voted off the island by your own Court? Do you not watch "Survivor"? Hellooooo -- Alliances, ahem. Are the other justices that unqualified? I mean, yes, they've made HUGE MISTAKES, but can't you give them an opportunity? Or better yet, I nominate Justice Cruz Reynoso. He has my vote, if you care. Thelton Henderson would be pretty cool, too -- or Connie Rice (she's Condoleeza's cousin so you'd still be keeping it in
the family, dig?) Just give Thurgood Marshall's seat back for once and for all, mon ami, before all we have left of Civil Rights is a Museum in Memphis.

What's next, your highness? the hottie nephew of yours who just graduated from University of Texas Law to fill O'Connor's seat??????


P.P.S. Tell Laura hi. She was so nice to me 17 years ago when we talked about how bright the future could be. Just sucks when smart women marry fools.

P.P.P.S. My friends who are busy relocating wanted me to thank you. This is the 1st vacation they've had in 3 years!!!!

If you need help, you know where to find me. You have for a long time. Hooray for the Patriot Act! Still, if that fails, I'll be teaching in Texas or Louisiana. My class and I will send you postcards to let you know how it's goin'.

"In the war on poverty, don't dodge the draft."


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