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Sunday, December 17, 2006

"was it destiny? I don't know yet"

The next Papale?

We stopped in for lunch at the Burger Hut off of Forest Ave. yesterday, needing to refuel for continued shopping, and also dining there was a whole table full of sturdy looking ladies in maroon football jerseys. I studied them for a bit, then noticed one of the women had a T-shirt that said "Rage On!" This was clearly the "Redding Rage" professional women's football team (or part of it, at least). So then I had to talk to them. We sat down at the adjoining table and I turned to the nearest player and said "Are YOU the Redding Rage?" which seemed to please the woman enormously. She said "Yes! Do you guys want to play?"

How to answer that question. Heck yes I want to play. Ce is very clear about her desire to remain a spectator, not a participant, but I am not clear at all and I can't figure out why. Normally I am quite averse to physical risks. They play full contact in this league. Maybe I don't really want to play, I just want to try on the costume. No, I want to try on the persona too. I could be meaner than a junkyard dog on the football field (within the rules of play) and my behavior would be completely appropriate.

On the other hand, I looked at their roster and it looks like they need another kicker. Not exactly the junkyard dog position but probably would make a lot more sense for someone who's a bit scrawny and risk averse. I think I was probably about 8 or 9 years old when I last attempted to kick a football but I'm sure it would come back with a little practice.

Anyway, it's only $25 to try out and you get a t-shirt (compared to the $75 fee to try out for the Sacramento Sirens team) so maybe...just for fun...just to say I tried...I'll head to Redding on January 6.

P.S. Someone I went to school with who is a staff attorney for legal services in Sacramento plays for the Sirens. She's smaller than I am but she's a lot meaner.


Allie said...

My Mr. and I saw the football movie Invincible about the guy who went to open try outs and ended up making the team, just because he decided to give it a try.

Even if you didn't make the team, it would be cool to say you tried out.

Plus there's the cool t-shirt.

I'd say go for it!

Emily said...

We saw that movie too and I was thinking of that guy, Vince Papale. The difference here is that the whole team is made of Vince Papales (and pretty much anybody else who shows up).

Oh, and other differences are that games are played on high school / community college fields, tickets are $8.00, the teams have to have bake sales and spaghetti dinners to support themselves, and the players have to have their own health insurance. Otherwise, it's just like the NFL! :)

M.A. said...

Don't discount your mean potential...remember the mustard strawberry? ;-)

Emily said...

agreed, that was mean, but it was also sneaky which takes it into a different category. Football involves a more honest and direct kind of meanness: "I'm going to knock you down and take away your ball, try to stop me if you can sucka."

WP said...

There is something cosmic here Em about trying out on 06 January. I will be thinking of you running wind sprints and impressing the coaching staff. I would recommend wide receiver. You are as fast as anyone and law school and work may have taught you the art of the feint and the juke.

Bj said...

Good luck at tryouts. The Redding Rage are a great group of women and I enjoyed playing against them last year. Looking forward to the 2007 season. Hope you will be there too.

P.S. I said the same thing...for $75 I can get a t-shirt and say I tried out for the team...lol.

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