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Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm lovin' it

Can't help myself. These comments raise another concern I have for the well-being of children of the right-wing zealots: their parents' and grandparents' spelling and grammar tends to be atrocious to the point of comedy.

Not only that, but some of these 'Christian' soldiers couldn't resist the opportunity to complain that not only is McDonald's morally bankrupt, but too many McDonald's employees speak Spanish. The AFA has a bigotry package deal you get when you sign up, I think.
  • "McDonald I am a regular customer in your store but I will not be eating in your store any more because of your open support of gay. I am a christianand God says they are an Abolition and God will deal with them. joyce"
  • "I will definitely boycott. Me and my family, including kids, grandkids, cousins, and parents have received message and agree on boycotting. If I figure right based on just my family alone, will keep about $1300 a year from these idiots. Others that follow should equate to less business."
  • "Yesturday,I purposedly avoided going to McDonalds for dinner. They can count me out as a customer from now on."
  • "I have no problem with you hiring, serving, etc of gays...I have a problem with your prejudice against those of us who are not gay. You should be equal. Do you put funds into the promotion of "normal" sexual relationships????"
  • "I and my family will be buyers at burger king.. You need to change your gay position.."
  • "I will no longer take any of my grand children nor my self to any Mc Donald's restaurant--I also intend to tell others about this decision of mine--I know you also sponser Planned Parent hood--which most of the finincial support they get are uded for abortions"
  • "I won't support you with your gay agenda or hiring illegals."
  • "No more cold limp fries, not so clean resturant and Spanish speaking non- English employees for us. So dad to see our America down the toilet. Married 38 years to a man and have a wonderful MARRIAGE and yes we are BREEDERS, isn't that what the queers call us traditionals that are a family. Funny how they want to adopt a breeders child. Poor choice McDonalds."
[Ed. note: Please please do not confuse this woman with that awesome alt-rock band The Breeders, fronted by the incomparable iron-throated bass-playing crusty rock goddess Kim Deal, whose child (if she were to put one up for grabs) I'd gladly adopt provided it was an open adoption. Don't really see how that's funny, though.]

I'm hungry.


adam said...

I wondr if dey wur goin fur der oan typ of lolspeak.

I especially loved the "purposedly avoid" comment... as if their drive to dinner wasn't done with purpose, they may have accidentally ended up there.

Steve said...

hahaha. Like your comments on Shenpawarrior a lot which led me here.

$1300 a year at McD's? Damn, McDonald's is doing HER a favor! And for the ones going to Burger King instead, they clearly don't realize that BK is way more progressive in their marketing and corporate philosophy! I think they were the first chain to offer same-sex relationship benefits! Another reason I prefer BK!!!