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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

the casserole gene

This time last year I was pretty laid up with my knee in a big brace, but enjoying the luxury of a hotel and my mom's TLC which in some ways makes it a rather pleasant memory (being on drugs helped too). After my mom had to go home and I was at least able to get up the stairs to my condo, H stayed for a couple days and between the two of them I had food for the next two months.

I'm seeing how good I really had it. My roommate had knee surgery today on his torn medial and lateral meniscii. Lucky for him they didn't have to take a piece of him from somewhere else to fix his knee, so hopefully the recovery will be easier, and he doesn't have to wear a brace. His pain pills aren't as strong as mine were (though it would be interesting to see a study on who gets prescribed what doses in what circumstances). He might not be doing so well in the morning. At any rate he's basically trapped here because he won't be able to get down the stairs, having just managed to climb up with his girlfriend and me spotting him. His mom doesn't seem to be available. [I had very strong pain pills AND my mom. I was so lucky!] For various reasons, staying at his girlfriend's house was not an option for him, so there he is on the couch with his knee all wrapped up. The least I could do was cook something.

I didn't actually bake a casserole. But I made a good pasta dinner with a jar of tomatoes my mom canned last year (the last one, I think), veggies, frozen meatballs and salad. It was one of the more balanced dinners I've managed to cook for myself recently too, and it made me feel lucky all over again.


adam said...

mmm. ucan has casserole?

I had some for lunch today! Well, not yours, but some we made here.

Allie said...

Mmmm Pasta- I've been wanting some fettucini alfredo with mushrooms (that someone else makes for me), but I had to make do with a canned alfredo sauce that wasn't even as good as Robintino's (and that's pretty bad) on pasta with no mushrooms.

I posted an easy breadstick recipe on my blog if you want some for next time- they're fast, and good- especially if you top them with garlic salt and parmesan cheese.

Your roommate is lucky to have you- since you've already been through it and can sympathise.

George and WP said...

I am not feeling well today and did not go to work. Your Mama peeled me a bowl of peaches and put them in the fridge to cool them. Then she got me a Polish with onions and my outlook has improved though the congestion and headache remains. We are blessed to have such a person as your mom in our lives.