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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Worried? Me?

I never worry about anything. This video of the second half of the Tour of the Unknown Coast lacks sound so you can't hear the screams.

When we were cruising down the other side of the Cantelow hill near Winters on Sunday, Heather said "I'm scared for your ride," referring to the T.U.C. Then the wind in my ears going downhill got too loud for me to hear anything she said. Actually it was hard to hear what she was saying on the flat stretches too. I think my ears might be due for another powerwashing. Conversations on the road sounded something like this:

H: "Wuhhh wuh wuhh wuh."
E: "What?"
H: "I said wuhh wuh whuh wuh."
E: "What was that?"

I need one of those two-way helmet radios that motorcycle riders use.

We were both (not so) fresh from having ridden 100 miles the day before. My ride was considerably flatter so I had to pretend to have a sore knee to justify not being able to keep up with her for the last ten miles.

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hmr said...

Ha ha. How's the knee "pain"?