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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What you don't want to hear at the start of a spinning class

Particularly when you haven't been to a spinning class, or on any sort of bike ride at all, in a couple months, you don't want to hear the instructor say, gleefully, before class, "I just signed up for the Death Ride! I'm so excited! It'll be my third time!"

Actually I don't think her spinning class would have been all that hard for somebody who's already been to it a couple times. Spinning is very adjustable to wherever you're at in your bike-fitness, and however hard you want to / are able to push it, but I was having trouble adjusting my workout to a low enough level that I could keep doing it for an hour. The secret is to start from a low enough amount of resistance that you can actually keep pedaling when told "Give me a quarter turn! Okay, give me another quarter turn!" etc. etc.  Maybe I'm still tired from the marathon. And maybe it might have had something to do with having eaten a whole loaf of bread in three days (homemade by yours truly, and almost perfect, but for letting it rise in the pan too long, which I think was the cause of the big hole in the middle when it baked - I should have just filled the hole with jam or Nutella or something), along with several bowls of turkey soup made from my FIRST ever wildly successful turkey roasting experience (prompted by an office party last Friday). 

I'm just glad I made it to the class and didn't have to wake up at 4:30 a.m. to do it. This class was at a very reasonable hour, 5:30 p.m. And the instructor turned on an extra fan and pointed it toward me when she observed that I was trying to fan myself with a towel.

I asked her about her Death Ride experiences after class. She said the first time she "only" finished four of the five mountain passes in the ride, and she was determined to do it again the next year and finish the whole thing, "hell or highwater." Those were pretty much the available options, since it started raining on them after they ditched their rain gear just before pass #5. But she did it, and now she's doing it again. Some people don't have a lick of sense. It's a relief sometimes not to feel compelled to try to do certain things (like the Death Ride). At least not in 2010.  Mercifully, registration is already full.


hmr said...

Can you get a message to your running girl that you're biking instead of running so she doesn't sit around to play video games?

George said...

I am working up to almost an hour on the stationary bike three days a week at the gym. I download an episode of Bones I have not seen and that entertains me, otherwise I would be bored to death. The stationary bike comes after the strength training exercises for the back that I learned at the New England Baptist Hospital. They take care of the Celtics so I am in good company. My personal doc is the Utah Jazz doc, though he poo pooed my going all the way to Bastan to learn to do some back exercises. He actually did say "good" when he read my rapidly falling BP in his office last week. It has been falling faster than Enron stock. I think I heard that in some movie or TV show so I have to say it too. What a miracle it is to diet and exercise. I have been going to him for at least a decade and I have never heard him say anything positive before.