"Beauty confronts us with the requirement that we place ourselves among...the redeemers, the leaders in the protection of life. Once you have seen the bush on fire, you are not going to get out of the assignment unless you close your eyes to the beauty.... [You] either have to close your eyes or go back to Egypt and set the people free." - Rev. Dr. Rebecca Parker, "Rising to the Challenge of Our Times"

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Escucha la musica

I have listened to this a couple times and I fail to understand why it's offensive to anyone. May not be everyone's style of music, but I think the guitar sounds great and it has a marchy, but not overbearing, drumbeat that seems appropriate. I realize that none of the arguments I've come up with are likely to convince any of the English-Only crowd to listen with more open ears, but here's what I came up with:

1. Canada's national anthem is officially in two languages. (But that's Canada, their anthem is about pine trees or something, we surely can't put it on the same level as OUR anthem.)
2. When I was in Jr. High we recited the pledge of allegiance in French at the start of every French class, and nobody complained, that I know of.
3. It seems there may be works of even greater religious significance than the Star Spangled Banner that have been translated into a whole bunch 'o languages, even English.
4. I guess it boils down to whether the national anthem is meant to celebrate our white Anglo heritage, or to celebrate the people who comprise the entire "republic for which it stands," referring to said Spangled Banner.
5. Considering I have listened to Nuestro Himno two or three times today and even I felt some sentimental stirrings of patriotism about it, thinking about all America has the potential to be despite our many, many failures, maybe this tune could actually do some good...maybe it could help more current and future Americans feel like they have a place here and important work to do.... Oops. That's why the song is offensive to conservative sensibilities. Now I get it.

Escuchamos nuestro himno.


WP said...

Yo canto a eso!

Gracias Emily

Allie said...

As long as no one is changing the words, why should it matter what language it's in.

edwardvanroberts said...

I think that it is a good idea - I guess I don't like the way it was sung here - just not my style. Then again, I don't like Mariah Carey or anyone else like that doing her voice thing during a song. As far as changing the words, it is extremely hard to translate a song word for word from one language to another. I think what it should be is that the idea of the song should be preserved form one language to another. That may be hard to do, as the only person who could get the real "idea" from a song is the author of the song. IT would be kind of hard to get Mr. Key to approve a translation now.

Again, I think that it is a very good idea. All people are welcome here as much as I am. Aren't we all immigrants? (I just don't like the way it was sung very much)