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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Other famous #9's

Just discovered that Shane Lechler, the Oakland Raiders' punter, is #9. Since he's the busiest guy on their team in recent seasons, having punted a total of 3,660 yards in 2006 with his longest punt at 77 yards, he's worthy of some admiration.

Also Jon Ryan, a punter for the Packers, is #9. His longest punt last season of 66 yards is 11 yards shorter than Shane's, but he racked up more total yards. He has better hair than Shane too.

Now of course not all #9's are kickers / punters. Drew Brees, the QB for the Saints, wears that number.

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WP said...

Jim McMahon of your former Utah school and of the Superbowl Bears was number 9. He was colorful and filled with a healthy enthusiasm for the game. His career would have gone longer but he took a lot of hits and gave out a lot of hits even as a QB.