"Beauty confronts us with the requirement that we place ourselves among...the redeemers, the leaders in the protection of life. Once you have seen the bush on fire, you are not going to get out of the assignment unless you close your eyes to the beauty.... [You] either have to close your eyes or go back to Egypt and set the people free." - Rev. Dr. Rebecca Parker, "Rising to the Challenge of Our Times"

Friday, May 23, 2008

tough day on the road

This was from Day 3 of the ride. Looks like the end of the day at the Yolo County fairgrounds in Woodland, judging from the looks of the trees and the rider. Bad helmet hair, skid marks, wrist tan line, smile, and all. A good day to have ended, and to reach a place where there were showers. I thought it might be quite nice to set up camp in the shower--it was a trade-off between being cool enough and having to stand up all night.

Photo courtesy of HMR. She knows how to make her subjects look their best. Imagine how I REALLY must have looked.


adam said...

If you had flexed your bicep in that picture, you would have looked like a cage fighter.

Emily said...

Gosh, thanks. Or maybe at least a contestant from "Survivor: Sacramento Valley." I'll try remember to flex next time I get my picture taken.

M.A said...

looking quite alive in that photo. i think it should be framed and hung in the foyer.

adam said...

re: Survivor - I wouldn't be surprised if they filmed there next. Seems they should be running out of exotic locales.